COVID-19 Information


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to use the CISD tennis courts, as the District is not renting out any of their facilities.  Thus, the only availability we have is 1 court at Stone Lakes and 1 court at a friend’s house.

Due to these limitations, we are putting together groups of 4 – 6 players, to play on one court.  In beginning this process, I am focusing on those who paid for March drills and Spring Team Tennis.  If you haven’t heard from me yet, that is because it is a very slow go with 75 students!

When/if I contact you concerning a lesson, you will need to fill out the liability form below and email it back to me.  You can also take a picture of it and text the photo to me.  Additionally, before EVERY lesson, you will need to fill out the Covid Daily Check-in below.  You can also text me a picture of the form.

At every lesson I will have hand sanitizers and wipes.  I will try to keep the kids 6 feet apart, but it is easier said than done.  We will hand sanitize after every ball pick up.  If you are not comfortable with your child playing and picking up balls, please let me know.  I understand we are all at different places in regards to Covid.

For the younger groups (orange and green ball) I plan to do a 1 day summer prize day in the near future. Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.

LHTA Waiver

Coronavirus (COVID-190) Daily Tennis Form