Frequently Asked Questions

Where are classes held?

What should my child bring to class?

What should my child bring to a tournament?

How are students grouped?

What happens if it rains?

Do you offer any discounts?

Do you offer any scholarships?

When should my child start playing in tournaments? Which tournaments should he/she play in?

What if my child needs to take a month off?

Classes are held atCarroll Senior High School at 1501 West Southlake Blvd

Students should bring appropriately sized racquets, tennis shoes, shorts with pockets or a tennis skirt and plenty of water. Children additionally may want to bring sunscreen, bug spray, a hat or visor, and a small towel.

When playing in a tournament, your child should have the following in his/her tennis bag: 2 identical rackets, practice warm up balls and a new can of balls, a jump rope to warm up for a couple of minutes before each match, sunscreen, including sunscreen for your lips, power bars, 2 pairs of socks, 2 additional shorts/skorts and shirts, band-aids (especially band-aids for blisters), a hat or visor, wristbands, a towel, extra vibration dampeners for strings and written notes with helpful hints for different strokes.

Children are grouped according to age, experience and ability. They will be moved from one group to the next at instructor discretion. In the event of rain, we will email parents if there is sufficient time for notification.  If there is not sufficient time, we will tweet the information.  Our twitter feed on the home page will reflect weather cancellations.

We do not offer scholarships, but Northeast Tarrant Tennis (NETT) has scholarships available for which you may apply.

Please visit our Tournaments page to determine if your child is ready, as well as to view the available options.

Our sessions are organized around the school year. We assume your child will continue month to month unless you email Coach Linda by the 20th of the month prior. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee placement if you choose not to participate in a given month due to a substantial wait list.