Additional Tournaments

In addition to USTA tournaments, there are now tournaments under the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system. The UTR system was devised in order to encourage and facilitate competitive matches between similarly rated players. This led to the development of a truly “universal” rating system and methodology—now called the Universal Tennis Rating System– that is based on principles not found in other tennis rating systems. Tournaments are for all ages and genders.  For more information and to sign up for a tournament, please see the UTR Events page.

USTA also offers tournaments locally for junior players of all levels.  Mid-Cities Tournaments are truly entry-level tournaments and are not open to Champs or Super-Champs.  Additional Open Tournaments are offered to players of all levels every weekend in the Metroplex.  We have listed both Mid-Cities and Open tournaments below.



Mid-Cities Tournaments

Junior Open Tournaments